BellyShots: 30 Weeks

When I stepped on the scale at the midwives’ office a couple of days ago, the nurse said: “Oh! You’ve had a growth spurt, haven’t you!”

It wasn’t a question… all of a sudden, I’m seeing numbers on the scale I’ve never seen before, not even in my previous life as a woman who thought her body “was just happy at a size 10. Or 12.” All of a sudden, the size 6 (finally!) me of recent years has returned to my more ample proportions, surpassed them even.

Of course, the baby’s had a growth spurt too, up to 3 lbs 2 oz, and sucking up all of my calcium, proteins, and vitamins as fast as I can ingest it (which is pretty fast, lemmetellya).

Funnily enough, the return to a more substantial me —combined with the same basic hairstyle I wore throughout college and post-graduation — makes me 1) Suddenly recognizable to old acquaintances I bump into and 2) Totally unplaceable to casual friends of the last 4 years.

In either case, whatever version of me this is —I’m happy to call it “Emilie, Special Mommy Edition” — all of a sudden, I am definitely, completely, strangers-and-grocery-clerks-feel-free-to-comment-and-question, into-the-third-trimester pregnant. And boy, does it show.

Here’s the belleh at 30 weeks:

30 Weeks

Yes, the third trimester is heavy upon us, folks… and nearly a third of the way past! Today I am 7 months pregnant… according to my due date, I have 65 days between me and a baby in my arms. For those of you keeping count. Gaaaah!

Several girlfriends told me it would happen, but the sudden descent into the less “glamorous” side of pregnancy really surprised me. I still feel pretty good (thank goodness) but… just less comfortable.

[[Warning: This paragraph is a litany of woes. Skip it if you like. I’ll never know.]] Quite literally overnight, I started getting heartburn every day and every night. My hips started hurting. I stopped sleeping… again. I got some unsightly little red spots in unflattering locales. My full and glowing face is now burgeoning into a full and glowing double-chin I’m desperately trying to keep at bay. I’m hungry all the time…again. Nose bleeds are a daily occurrence. My wedding ring started to dig into my skin, along with all my underwear and sandals (save the flip-flops you see in every bellyshot). Fun little movements in my belleh are sometimes almost painful, and although I’m not running for the bathroom every 30 minutes, I’ve started routing my walks within a 6 block radius of the publicly available restrooms in my neighborhood.

Ooof. Not a one of those things is mentioned in my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

And now, because you made it through that big, fat whine (or because you skipped right over it), here’s some really fantastic things about 30 weeks.

We’re starting to gather the offered items from friendswithbabies… or I should say sisterswithbabies, since SisterMeghanne has passed on bunches of gently used and brand new things that are just waiting for teensy arms to cuddle and bounce and sprawl in them.

We saw EG’s blinking eye! In the sonogram this week! With eyelashes! It was so cool and science-fiction and baby-sweet, all at once!

I really feel good. I had to say it again in case you doubted, and because I can’t put my finger on the source of goodness… its not sleep, totally jazzed excitement, or the satisfaction of getting a bit of feather-nesting going. Even with all that crap noted above, I just feel generally good. I’ll take it!

Oh, and before I forget, in the world of baby as vegetable, we have traveled from…

a HEAD OF CHINESE CABBAGE at 27 weeks to a BUTTERNUT SQUASH at 29 weeks to a HEAD OF [regular?] CABBAGE at 30 weeks.

EG’s right on track at around 3 oz and 16″ of baby.


One thought on “BellyShots: 30 Weeks

  1. I miss your cute face! Trying to imagine your voice when I read these blogs and it’s just not enough. Let’s get together soon. I owe you a lunch or dinner anyway, so let’s go feed that belleh and you can order whatever you want! 🙂 xo

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