BellyShots: 31 Weeks

Warning: This post contains a bare-nekkid belleh. It was really hot out.

Last weekend the husband and I were working at the local Rennaissance faire, where some good friends operate an archery range. More on the delightful weirdness of Rennies later.

For this BellyShots post, I just want to tell you: It was So Friggin’ Hot last weekend.
Oh man. Into the 100s, and all of us packed onto a farm with no shade trees and lots of dusty trails. 7 people were brought out in ambulances for heatstroke… most of them participants—not the public—and most of them in far too many layers of leather and brocade. (And I suspect many of them were not smart about their water-to-ale ratio.)

Anyhow, I managed alright, staying out of of the sun in the booth and under the ticket tent, drinking gallons of water. But still, it was very hot, and I do have and extra circulatory system pumping away inside me. Even my light, floaty, make-do layers seemed oppressive. So, I just decided to let it alllll hang out.

Like so, in this picture of the belleh at 31 weeks:

31 Weeks

Now, it may not look it here, but I am a fairly modest person, and the idea of flashing such a large portion of my body was a little daunting. Barring beaches and pools, I usually keep my mid-section (and upper legs, and what qualifies for cleavage) under wraps.

So it took me a minute or two to weigh my options: Stay decent or swelter.

I first asked the husband and a couple other archery folks if it would be inappropriate, off-putting, etc… then I decided I really didn’t care.

For one thing, as you’ll surely note, this isn’t exactly whatcha might call “authentic” Ren Faire garb. (I can’t fit into the lovely leather bodice I bought last year.) Also this faire is a “Rennaissance/Fantasy Faire” and this weekend’s theme was “Fairies”… no wings, but I figured I had a little leeway.

And for another thing, may I repeat: It was HOT. And I’m PREGNANT. The end.

So I bared it, dealt with it, slathered it all in plenty of sunscreen, and was much much happier for it. And, as it turns out, bellies apparently make an enviable accessory, at least judging by all the funny compliments I got. “Oh, I love the belly in your costume!” “That [pointing at belleh] looks great!” Ummm… thanks, I made it myself!

So, while this weekend was about accepting my body in all it’s sweaty, rotund glory, I also finally started doing some prenatal yoga. It’s just a DVD from another momfriend, but I really enjoy it. It’s a good mix of “love your body” and “get some real exercise and stretching in that will help your birth.” Not too aerobic, not too hooky-spooky. I’ve done it 3 mornings now, and I love the stretching to start my day.

And, out in the garden patch, in terms of baby as vegetable, 31 weeks means there are 4 NAVEL ORANGES in my belleh.

Or, about 3 lbs (still) and 16 inches of baby.

Apparently we’re heading into a big growing time, so I’m upping my protein, calcium, and folic acid intake, both in the foods I eat and with supplements. There’s also a ton of somersaults, rolling, shoving, stretching, and kicking going on… I feel like a theme park ride!


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