JourneyQuest Progress Report

Remember back in March and April when I was filming JourneyQuest, the fantasy web-series?

Well, it hasn’t been abandoned! It takes time, after all to do the film stuff. So, here’s the latest update, according to the powers-that-be at Dead Gentleman Productions… and the JourneyQuest website:

We’ve been hard at work on achieving picture lock, but are just about ready to start sharing all of the awesomeness that our team has been creating! Starting with comprehensive behind-the-scenes videos, we’re targeting late September for Episode 01 to go live on the web.

Here’s what our time-line looks like:

  • Picture lock this week
  • Film goes out to our composer, audio mixer, special effects, and color correction artists
  • We revamp site design
  • Behind-the-scenes videos launch
  • Teaser trailer launches
  • We put all the pieces together
  • Episode 01 launches!

And, from this week on their facebook page:

“JourneyQuest has picture lock! Editors will prep the film tomorrow to send out for audio mixing, scoring, special effects, and color grading. One step closer to release!”

Basically, “picture-lock” means that the film is all edited together. It looks like a show now, with all the timing kinks worked out.

It’s going to be a later release than originally planned (this last July), but seeing as the total number of episodes is also less than originally planned, Dead Gentlemen are still on target. They will release all episodes online by December, at which point a DVD of the full series and special features will be available for purchase.


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