$5 Fresh Lunch: Antique Sandwich Company

I am a frugal lady by necessity these days, and I do appreciate a nice, healthy, filling meal out on-the-cheap. Especially since they’re so hard to come by…

When I was working in downtown Tacoma for the last several years, even the lunch salads and sandwich/soup combos on offer were creeping steadily into the $7-9 range. You want a drink with that? You’re dropping $10 bucks, easy. And frankly, that kind of commitment just keeps me off the street and out of the local cafes… the $7-10 lunch makes me one more person who hates to see another restaurant close, but hasn’t actually eaten there—or anywhere besides my desk—in 6 months.

So, I give you a yummy $5 lunch from The Antique Sandwich Company on Pearl St.

$5 Lunch

* Cup of homemade split pea soup

* Cup of decaf coffee (refillable)

* Bagel Sandwich
(daily special) with salmon cream cheese, sprouts, tomatoes, and onion

Technically this was a $6 dollar lunch, but I split the bagel sandwich with a friend because it was just too much food.

So I think that still counts.

Both locals and visitors seem to have mixed feelings about the food and atmosphere at ASC… they love it, they’re unimpressed, they go there all the time, they don’t get what the big deal is… ok, that’s cool.

But for me, after a morning of tramping around Point Defiance’s trails, it was a great spot to sit and recharge with a little something. Kanarie and I had only intended on grabbing coffee, but the cheap lunch items fairly dictated that we take a slightly early lunch.

And I was happy to comply.


2 thoughts on “$5 Fresh Lunch: Antique Sandwich Company

  1. I love ASC. Always have. It was a favorite spot of mine to visit when we were in town. Now we live here and I haven’t had lunch there! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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