Why Categorize? Why Lutheran?

Sometimes when I tell people I have blog, they ask “What kind of blog” I’m writing.

And I’m not entirely sure how to respond.

I like to think that I take this thing at least a few baby shuffles past a personal online journal… that is, sure, I write about my life, but I usually try to massage it into something other people can relate to and will actually be interested in reading (you tell me if it works). I’m not specifically a food blogger, or a theatre/arts blogger, or a fashion blogger, though I do write about those things from time to time. And although I’ve lately been chronicling what it’s like to be pregnant for the first time, I don’t see myself becoming a full-blown mommy blogger.

If you read this blog frequently, you probably also know I sometimes write about faith from the perspective of a practicing Lutheran and that my faith life is very important to me. If you didn’t before, now you know.

I suppose the most accurate, easiest answer I can give is this: I write a personal blog which highlights the things I’m interested in, from events to ideas.

And today, here’s what I’m interested in.

In a video recently posted on YouTube, Bishop Mark Hanson of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) conducts a Q&A session. I don’t know what the location or occasion were, but this particular video features his answer to the question: Why Lutheran?

Click image to play.

Bp. Hanson answers "Why Lutheran?"

To me, the most important point here is the one he makes right at the beginning: “To be Lutheran is to define ourselves in relationship to others—not just the body of Christ, but within community and humanity—not what sets us apart.” I also like his point about living—prayerfully—with paradox. Or at least, those are the points I most naturally relate to…

Just sharing.


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