BellyShots: 34 weeks

Maybe I’m getting better again at taking and posting the BellyShots pictures… or maybe it’s just that the closer I get to 40 weeks, the longer each week seems. So maybe, in my heart of hearts, I’m still only churning these things out at what feels like a slacker’s pace of once every two or three weeks.

Whichever is true, here I am,
and here is the belleh, firmly situated at 34 weeks.

34 Weeks

This is another shirt of my mother’s, and yet another that I have loved since I inherited it in high school. Although, at the time, I did some tricky (clumsy, but well-hidden) stitching to take it in and reduce the overall maternity-ness of it. When I pulled all that old thread out this morning, I was so happy to slip the hippy tent over my head. God, I love those bell sleeves!

What you see in this little scene is nesting in progress, to be documented in another post, hopefully later this week. We’ll see. So much depends on sandpaper and dry weather.

Suffice to say, I love the motto above the paint chips: Take Colors Home. Why thank you, I believe I will! Seems a fine sentiment for this shirt, non?

So. 34 weeks.

I promised myself not to whine anymore than is absolutely necessary to set the pre-natal scene, but:

This was such a miserable week.

Lots of things went really well, but physically, I feel like I just fell apart for at least three days running. Seriously, my body just refused to do an awful lot of things without major protestation in the vicious form of sharp pains, dull aches, and a stampeding herd of muscle cramps in muscles I hadn’t found yet.

As a result, much of Labor Day weekend was spent propped on the couch, soaking in a hot bath, and imbibing gallons of hot tea. I cried a lot. Not only because it suddenly hurt a lot to bend over, sit down, lean, walk, or breathe, but also because I was terrified that the next month and half will be just like this… or worse.

See how I said that in past tense? Was terrified? That’s because I’m feeling much better today. I still dealt with some of those nasty stabby pains through the afternoon, but I talked through some of the muscle cramp issues with my birthing class instructor, and am looking forward to bringing these and other (more indelicate) issues up with the midwife at my appointment tomorrow.

The good news about this week (and I feel I owe us both some good news now) is that I’m really interested and invested in the planning stages for my own Labor Day. We drafted a birthing plan for class and I’ve started to make lists for things to bring, people to do what. Although it’s sobering to make plans for emergency scenarios (and more than a little scary… yes, I cried again), I still feel like the paperwork is the good kind of busy work. Like filling in my nutrition and exercise sheets and being a very good girl, the planning also makes me feel like I’m doing the right things. And that is worth quite a lot to me right now.

Also good news: I’m excited to start my painting project!

Alright, enough about all that.

We’re keeping with the globular fruits in my Green Grocer’s Belleh!

34 weeks means I have a CANTALOUPE in my belly, or about 4.75 pounds and about 18 inches of baby.


One thought on “BellyShots: 34 weeks

  1. Aren’t you just the cutest pregnant lady? You look great! And I know all about feeling like crap and it being tiring.

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