BellyShots: 36 Weeks

As of today, we are One Month To Baby Time! Four weeks! 30 days!

…assuming on course that the baby bucks every possible trend for first-time babies and manages to be born exactly on my estimated due date of October 16th. And since I have been reminded by both friend and birthing class instructor to neither count on nor discount the given due date as the actual day the baby will come, I’m just… going with it.

That said, here is the belleh at 36 weeks, About a Month to Baby Time:

36 Weeks

Fun story behind this picture.
It was taken at the Puyallup Fair today, in the Hobby Hall. I adore the Hobby Hall; I’ve always loved to see the weird collections people come up with and then decide to display for the public.

This year my hands-down favorite collections were the Lid Collection (yes, a collection of lids) and the one you see behind me here: The Baby Picture Collection.

A doctor from Good Samaritan has taken a picture of every mother and baby he delivered between (I think) 1979 and 2009. The assembled collection is pretty impressive, spanning two walls, and it gives off a neat vibe.

In addition to being an awesome catalog of changing maternity fashions and post-labor hair-styles, the series of poster boards has the haphazard charm of a dorm-room photo collage, while still being a quietly tender testimony to a doctor’s love for his work.

Anyhow, it seemed a perfect place to take a picture of EG, seen here beginning the final cozy weeks in Hotel du Mommy.

Wow. 36 weeks. People keep asking the husband and me if we’re ready, and the answer of course is Heck, no.

But—and this is an important distinction—we feel much closer to being ready.

For instance, we finished our birthing class this week, and I think it really gave both of us a lot of confidence and a good, firm grounding in what to expect. Of course, now that I’m ready to actually wrap my head around a lot of those big scary words like labor, emergencies, and postpartum, I still have lots of follow-up reading to do. But that’s ok. I’m reading to be informed now, to make decisions, and I’m —thankfully!— in much less danger of being overwhelmed and frustrated by the overflow of “what ifs.”

Are we ready? Now, this instant? I say again, Heck, no. But when I’m out walking the neighborhood, I’m starting to be able to picture the stroller out in front, of me, bumping over the uneven spots in the sidewalk and filled with a baby who’s looking at me for a fixed point in the the landscape gliding by… and it doesn’t scare me at all.

At least not today.

Oh, and in the  Baby as Fruits or Veggies World, 36 weeks means I have a CRENSHAW MELON in my belly.

Or about 6 pounds and about 18.5 inches of baby.

I don’t know that I had any idea what a Crenshaw Melon looked like before writing this post.

Having made its recent acquaintance, I can tell you we have a very active fruit in there, prone to hiccups and early morning calisthenics.


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