September Showers!

Last weekend, I attended The Best Baby Shower Ever. Even better, it was for me!

Truly, I always count myself blessed to have what Mom calls “Such Nice People” for girlfriends, and this fantastic little event was just one more occasion for gratitude.

I was already overwhelmed two months ago when at least 5 people offered to host the shower. AMA, Kanarie, and PLUFriendKirstin ended up co-hosting, and it all turned out so nicely. During the planning stages, I asked for “low key,” no typical baby shower games, just a time to visit and nibble some delicious things, and see the ladies I’ve missed a lot these last months. Oh, and I decided that belly henna would be awesome if we could work it out. And all of that is exactly what happened.

Like Frankie (almost) says, “How lucky can one girl get?”

Wish Fulfilled: Belly Henna!
After a little research on the internets, I engaged Jada Moon of Blesssed Henna here in Tacoma. I can’t recommend Jada enough… she has great ideas, she makes lovely designs, she’s warm and friendly, and her rates are so reasonable.

A great addition to the party!

Mom watches while Jada sketches birds and I try not to giggle or gesticulate too much.. see how well it's working?

We talked a few days before the shower and exchanged ideas about what kind of design I was looking for… As it so happens, Jada draws beautiful mermaids, but had never done one in henna before! We met a little early at the party and she made the most perfect design I could hope for.

AMA, me, and the finished project!

Once I was all finished, all of the guests sat down for a pretty little something on their wrist, hand, ankle or foot… each design was so unique, and all my ladies were thrilled with the finished result. Even Mom!


Nom. 'Nuff said.

Wish Fulfilled:
Delicious Food & Drinks

Coffee, tea, mimosas, some nice wines, and yes, justplainjuice for moi.

Lots of ladies also brought deeelish snacks to share. Kirstin (who graciously hosted in her nice new all-grown-up house) made these amazing chocolate-cream-cheese cupcakes. Holy man.

Wish Fulfilled:
“Not Your Typical Shower Activity”

No melted candy bars or sampling baby foods here! As “activities coordinator” for the shower, AMA set us all up with three fun activities, going on quietly throughout the whole shower. First, a beautiful little “guest book” all my ladies signed and wrote sweet little letters to the baby and me and the husband.

Second, AMA laid out an amazing array of scrapbook supplies, and now I have a whole book of ready-made pages, just waiting for photos as we go!

Even a special scrapbook page for baby's first visit to see HawaiiMom & Dad! (Picture lifted from Kanarie's blog, "A 1,000 Beautiful Things!" Thanks, K!)

Third, EG is going to be so well dressed. Check out some of the new apparel, hand-crafted by my personal stylists.

AMA & Cheryl model their creations

Wish Fulfilled: Feeling the Love
It’s true some Very Important People were unable to be there, but I was soooo happy to see everyone! As Mom noted on our way home that evening, “That baby is going to have so many Aunties.” Don’t I know it.

All that Love

Thank you all so much for being there and making it a wonderful, perfect, just-what-I-wanted event!


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