Secrets of the Stars

Wow… please find below one the most apt horoscopes I’ve ever had the pleasure to stumble across (courtesy of Tacoma’s Weekly Volcano):

For the Week of Thursday, Sept 23 2010

AQUARIUS: In his opening comments on an episode of his TV show, Stephen Colbert announced, “I have butterflies in my stomach. I just ate a cocoon quesadilla.”

If I’m reading the omens correctly, you too, will soon have fluttering  sensations in your gut, but not because of your food choices.

Rather, you’re likely to be quivery and atwitter due to encounters with the Great Unknown — arrivals from beyond the Wild Blue Yonder that will blow your mind and recalibrate your philosophy of life.

Don’t worry. Your appointments with the numinous are likely to be stirring, even awe-inspiring, but not frightening.

P.S. You should celebrate the fact that you feel free enough to go exploring so far and wide.

Creepy, huh?


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