JourneyQuest Premier Today!

Season 1 of JourneyQuest, Episodes 1 AND 2!

Beginning at 9am PST, catch the very first TWO episodes of JourneyQuest, the brand spankin’ new web-series by the creators of Gamers and Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

Follow a band of unlikely adventurers (is there any other kind?) as they search for destiny, truth, honor, and any route that avoids orcs and zombies. Guess how well that works out.

I play Wren, the Bard… well, Bardic graduate student, anyhow. The only things standing between Wren and her graduation to full Epic Bard are all the other characters.

I’ve only seen a rough cut so far, so I’ll be almost as surprised as everyone else… Can’t wait!

Check out the JourneyQuest website for more information and behind the scenes information. Or hop on the facebook pages for JourneyQuest and its co-producing companies, Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment.


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