Maternity Photos from Ginger Jacobs

A couple weekends ago, our friend Jenny—owner and moment-capturer extraordinaire over at Ginger Jacobs Photography—gave us the best present ever:

A Maternity Photo shoot  in the park!

We had thought about taking pictures in Point Defiance, but as the week wore on and the rain stuck around, we realized that might just be a bit too soggy. So we decided to have the shoot at Wright Park, one of our regular neighborhood haunts where I have logged dozens of miles walking throughout the pregnancy… and where there’s a sheltered conservatory in case the rain was too insistent.

As it turned out, we didn’t even need to worry about umbrellas and waterproof shoes. The day was gorgeous, hot even, and in just about 40 minutes of tramping around the park, we got some really nice photos of our “almost” family.

(Photo: Ginger Jacobs! Scroll down for a couple more shots!)

Both the husband and I have been snapped by Jenny before, for actor headshots and a record of pre-dramatic hair cut. Here’s what I love about the way she works:

  • She has a really great sense of what will work
    (“I found this great tree over here, and I want to do some with this neat downward angle”)
  • She’s totally flexible
    (“I have some ideas, but let’s go wherever you want”)
  • She finds a nice balance between keeping it low-key and really encouraging you to have fun
    (No quote here… it’s just a particular attitude, y’know?)

And most importantly, I appreciate that Jenny has what may be the best trait in a portrait photographer: Decisive confidence in her shots. She can tell when she has the shots you’ll love, and there’s no need to keep trying the same 5 poses in 12 different locations or outfits.  (“I think we’ve got it. You’re going to be really happy with these.”)

So, point being, call Jenny at Ginger Jacobs and check out the gallery on her website. If you want some lovely family portraits, professional headshots that really show your personality, or wedding photos that cross a line between photojournalism and sneaky, close-up portraiture, Ginger Jacobs is your girl.

I can’t wait for the newborn photos in a couple of months!


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