JQ Update: Wear This Face

In other JourneyQuest news… in addition to the big screening event this Saturday,

I am now available in wearable, cotton-fresh t-shirt form.

Why do I look so worried in every photo from this season? Can't a girl ask for one serene profile shot? Oh wait-- Wren reallyisn't all about that whole serenity thing, what with the screaming and the running into imminent danger...

And when I say “me,” of course I  mean Wren Birdsong, the Bard I play in JourneyQuest, the fantasy web-series you can watch online right now!

Go to www.journey-quest-stuff.com to buy this shirt
and other JourneyQuest character and quotation shirts.

For some reason, the Wren shirt doesn’t show up in the main gallery, so you have to click “Wren” at the top of the page to see my merch. Enjoy!


One thought on “JQ Update: Wear This Face

  1. -Gulp-

    Err… err… err: you’re Wren?

    OMG. Wait, wait – I know – uh – bardic comimmunity? (please?). I didn’t know…

    P.S. Your twitter account is a little lonely. ~subtle hints are here again~
    P.P.S. This is the reason why I came to your blog in the first place, having searched WordPress for ‘JourneyQuest’. Honest! 🙂

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