“Right from the start, most every heart that was ever broken always was because there was a man to blame”…so sayeth the heartfelt wisdom of country cross-over great, Miss Patsy Cline.

For more pearls of Honky-Tonk Wisdom—and more than 25 songs—come on down to Tacoma Little Theatre to see ALWAYS…PATSY CLINE, running now through May 29th.

I hope you’ll come see it… I’m loving playing Patsy and singing so many of the songs I learned as a teenager.

And I have to tell you,  as a “musical for people who don’t like musicals,” it’s a very funny, very neat  little concoction of a show. Part storytime with that chatty woman you just met at the bar, part flashbacks, part concert… we have a live band and we’re having a grand ol’ time.

Pssst: Pay What You Can Night is TONIGHT, Thursday May 5.


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