There’s a certain feeling of “optimistic inevitability” when the things you’re reading or listening to seem to perfectly dovetail where your life is going at a certain point. You know what I mean… when that song hits home. When that psalm gives you hope or practical advice beyond an embroidered sofa cushion. Or when the passage in that book makes you stop reading, pick up a pen and start scribbling furiously.

That’s been happening to me this week, but with blogs.

Yes, truly, blogs on the internets (I assume you’re familiar).

I read a lot of blogs, folks. At least 5 a day, and about a dozen more on a semi-regular basis. Some are style blogs, some are for writers, some are written by my friends, some are about food, interior design, movies, books, and just plain old makemelaugh blogs.

But those 5 or so I read every day are a very particular collection. They’re all by women in my general age group, we of the “late 20s early 30-somethings” who are living that nebulous 2nd life after college. Some are married, some have kids, some aren’t either of those things.  These women are, to a letter, smart, articulate, funny, and warm… people I’d like to meet for coffee.

And they all have one huge thing in common: They’re all working towards something, whether it’s explicitly defined or not. For some, it’s happiness in simple beauty. For others, a balance between motherhood and “that career-oriented person they used to know.” Towards the long-awaited release date of their first (or second!) novel. Towards self-employment in business, photography or graphic and fashion design. Towards a life they have consciously chosen and shaped.

This last one is the ringing bell of the week. I’ve been reading Jess Constable at her blog Make-Under My Life for several months now. She’s a jewelry and bag designer and a decorating/organizing consultant—and she’s on a mission to help people “design their lives with intention.”

As part of that, she invites her readers to share their own goals to design their lives. I’ve read a lot of other people’s entries over the months.

And while I’ve never been much of a person for “formalized goal setting”… this week I’ve come to a pretty clear conclusion that I can use that kind of structure in my life right now. I’m a new mom, which is a world of altered priorities and relationship stresses. I’ve been unemployed for over a year. My latest freelance contract is nearly at an end, and I’m at a major point of assessment and evaluation for “what the hell do I want to do, and how can it happen”?

Time to take stock. More importantly, time to start designing the life I want to live.

Look for my own “Design My Life with Intention” post tomorrow. In the meantime, you should check out what some of Jess’ readers have to say.



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