Let Go to Grab Hold

I taught myself a little lesson today.

Straight-backed and chin set at my very best determined angle, I presented myself as a credible professional with experienced opinions and the paperproof to back it all up. I laid out the facts, the shortcomings, and the very doable options to overcome. I used my best persuasive voice.

My audience–me–was more receptive than I had anticipated.

Having been away from the 9-5 professional world for so long, I sometimes need to give myself a good talking-to so I remember that I know what I’m talking about. (follow that?)

So what did I learn today?

1) It’s time to let go. A gnawing issue I have regarded as a total failure for nearly a decade simply must be resolved. There are ways to resolve it, and though it will take several steps, they must be taken and can  be taken, one at a time. However, I have to just LET GO of the issue before I can resolve it. I have to say, “Yup, that really sucks. No, it really won’t go away, no there really is NO way around it.” The hardest, most important part of letting go? I have to forgive myself for making the mistake before I can correct it.

2) It’s time to reach out and grab hold. I have never assumed things would just happen for me the way I want them to. I have long-since learned otherwise (see the above paragraph). But I have spent a lot of time dithering about “the right time” to act. I have waited for advice, opinions, a step-by-step instruction list about how to get the important things I want and need. Sometimes this works out ok, and sometimes not. If I want something to happen, I have to reach. I have to grab hold and hang on, now.

Class dismissed.


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