Feeling like a Good For Something

I just deposited a modest, but very important sum in my bank account.

Frankly, any sum in the bank account is important (and sadly, it is all too often modest), but this particular deposit upped my self-worth for the day.

Three checks, all received for doing work I love.
Not work I do to pay the rent and the grocery bill, but work I LOVE.

1/2=Acting in a Video Game

1/4=Leading a Poetry Workshop

1/4=Writing About Theatre

It’s been a very dry year and a half since I was layed off. And yes, I’ve been feeling an awful long ways away from the JustOutOfCollegeIdealist who was going to pay her dues for 2 years maximum and refuse to work long term at anything that didn’t feed the soul.

But this modest little sum is doing my soul good today. It’s a good reminder that the things I love to do and the things I am actually rather good at doing are also things that have real value to others.


I think I’m going to start really tracking how much I’ve made and will make on the “supplemental artistic endeavors”… It always comes in handy/crucial for various expenses, but I’ve never kept a separate record just of the band gigs, articles, plays, commercial acting gigs, and workshops. Who knows, maybe I’ll make $100,000 writing, singing, and acting… it might take me 30 years, but I just might do it!


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