Year Three

Happy Anniversary to the husband!

11 years of friendship (mostly!), 8 years as a couple together, and 3 as Man n’Wife!

…And of course, nearly 1 year as parents. Which is a wonderful, amazing thing–a subject upon which I promise to wax more poetical in the near future (you just can’t wait, can you?). To be parents, after all, was part of the dream when we said “I do.”

There were a lot of other parts to that dream, though. To support each other’s goals, to help each other grow in faith and courage and kindness, to keep laughing and singing, and o learn how to be not only best friends but allies when needed… and so much more we are still learning to do and be.

But the parent thing… that’s pretty much been the focus of this year. 🙂 Which is why it was so darned difficult to find photos of me and the husband together! And I don’t even mean just “photos together and without a baby”… just with the two of us in the same frame!

Anyhow, here’s what I could scrounge together as a limited snapshot of Year 3.
Looks like a pretty good year, actually: Celebrations, wandering around the northwest, and lots of time with friends and family.

Last year’s anniversary (Year 2), I was nearly 8 months pregnant and drank iced tea on our anniversary date in August.

In September, we had out pregnancy photo shoot…3 weeks before LittleBird showed up (2 weeks early).

Photo: Ginger Jacobs photography

At Christmastime, we didn’t have time or space to have our own tree, so we took a series of photos in front of other people’s trees.

In January, we took LittleBird for her first art show at the Tacoma Art Museum.

LittleBird was baptized in March. PortlandDad performed the rite at our church here in town.

In May, we had out first “date night” out, without LB. It was AMA’s 30th birthday party at a chili bar in Seattle. SOOO nice to have a night out with “adults”!

In early June, another 30th birthday bash and another date night. Hooray!

In July, the husband and LittleBird helped me with a science project on the beach.

And just last weekend, in August, we headed out to Orcas Island on a church retreat. Our first overnights away from LittleBird, and the husband’s first time to the island where I spent many summers camping with my family.

And tonight, we are off for a fancy dinner on the waterfront, just the two of us!

Not a bad start to Year 4, I think. Not bad at all.

Added: Anniversary Dinner at The Lobster Shop

Champagne and Chocolate Mousse for Dessert!


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