Twofer Tickets to Actor Benefit Night at TLT!

This Thursday September 15th is Actor Benefit Night for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Tacoma Little Theatre… and you can get 2 tickets for the price of 1!

This is a fantastic show getting great feedback from audiences and reviewers!

And Actor Benefit Night is the BEST night to see a show, people!

Why? Because in Tacoma Community Theatre, it’s the ONE night that actors and crew get paid for the hours and hours and HOURS of work they lovingly lavish on each show. (Once the play’s rights are paid for, the box office take is split among the cast and crew.)

Order Your 2-for-1 Tix Online at or call 253-272-2281.

Password for discount: “spelling bee”

Yes, we do it because we love it. And yes, we know it’s not professional theatre where payment is part of the contract. And yes, it’s lovely to get a free meal or snack sometimes. And YES, we love to hear how an audience enjoyed the show, or how much the theatre Staff and Board appreciate our donations of time and talent.

But here’s a little heartfelt secret from one who knows:
Gas to the theatre costs money. Makeup and hair supplies cost money. 8 weeks of work is WORTH something.

Another not-so secret?
We who act are so very grateful that Community Theatre in Tacoma has recognized these things and made a communal effort to implement the Actor Benefit Night. It’s not a lot, we know that. We don’t expect a lot. But the gesture counts.

And finally:
Money–even a little bit–is sometimes awfully nice.
I used my check from Always… Patsy Cline to pay for part of a much needed car repair. Not the whole thing, mind, but part. And when I handed it over to the mechanic, I knew I earned it. And that counted.

If you support the arts in Tacoma PLEASE support the PEOPLE who MAKE the art. We thank you.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Tacoma Little Theatre


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