Living After Bedtime!

Living after midnight. Rocking till the dawn
Loving till the morning, then I’m gone.

Living After MidnightMy band covers Living After Midnight by Judas Priest.
The original is here, and it has become one of my favorites.

It’s one of those songs that–no matter where we play–people start screaming and headbanging, fist-pumping and dancing around.

Plus, I just get a charge out of singing high, 80s male vocals, where I get to act like a real rockin’ badass.

…as opposed to a newly-minted-mommy whose typical post-midnight capers this last year have included getting puked on, administering hours of soothing, finally doing the dishes/laundry, maybe getting to eat, and dropping into bed like a rock after reading maybe 3 pages of any given book.

The husband and I have tried to snuggle on the couch for a movie or tv show from time to time… but LittleBird has simply refused to sleep before 10pm (or much, much later), so even when we do finish the movie, we’re too tired to actually talk much about it. And we can usually (not always, thankfully, but usually) forget playing cards or Scrabble (which we love), or just relaxing and talking together. Usually we’re doing all the clean-up from one day and prep-work for the next, and then that’s it! Better get to bed before LB wakes up!

But guess what?

Big news.


Hear ye, Hear ye!
LittleBird has been down for sleep by 8:45pm for a week!

Sometimes 8:30! And sleeping till 7am!

This is officially the most sleep this child has ever condescended to.

And oh man… I’d forgotten what it’s like to have a few hours to just LIVE after bedtime! To be Emilie and The Husband, not Mama & Daddy for a few blessed hours.

The last couple nights–in addition to all the clean-up/prep-work–I have made crafty things, written, read my voter’s pamphlet, and watched a whole movie with the Husband! We’ve been able to relax and goof around and have some nice conversations, and read entire chapters of books… and still get to sleep before midnight!

Now, LittleBird is teething at the moment, so the nights are not perfect. She wakes up screaming, and needs some major soothing, sometimes at 11, sometimes at 3 and 6am. It’s still tiring and frustrating to get up with her, and it’s an adjustment to start everybody’s day an hour or so earlier.

But with unhurried, unabbreviated time to be ourselves, to set aside for a little while our work as stewards of this small person’s life, time to be a couple, time to spend spend together AND time to enjoy our individual, nerdy pursuits… it’s a strengthening, heartening, refreshing thing.

…that just makes me want to DANCE!

Special Post: The Sleep Fairy Delivers!


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