The Birthday Party!

Before: Pieces of the Pennant Banner, under construction

We pulled it off!

LittleBird’s First Birthday party was so fun, and I think it all came together really well.

What makes this such a big deal?

We never host parties.

We’ve  done brunches and movie nights, wine and cheese, even a couple of Thanksgivings for family (with Turkey, even!)…. but no parties.

There’s a variety of reasons for that…

We live in an apartment. Neither Matt are I are much for cooking, though we are learning. I’m a basically messy person, which I am embarrassed to reveal TOO much to TOO many people. In the past, the husband and I have been crazy busy with overlapping weird schedules.

And then, of course, lately there’s the ol’ “There is a baby living in this house, and filling it with piles of toys, books, things pulled out of drawers, and shredded paper.

Before: Humongous Zucchini, purchased at the Farmer's Market for $1.

But honestly, it’s mostly been a combination of a too-messy house and simply not enough time to pull together the kind of capital-E Event I’d want to host.

Which is why this whole thing was kind of brilliant. I’m unemployed-slash-“light-freelancing” from home, so I have had time to plan and find fun foods and cook and make fun decorations.

And the most genius part about the whole endeavor: We had the party at someone else’s house!

Our friends have lots of room with great flow for a gathering, and they were generous enough to lend it for the day. So I made everything at home, brought it to the Party House, cleaned up at home, had the party, cleaned up the party house as the party was still winding down (with the help of a few wonderful party-goers), and came home to a nice clean kitchen.

What a lovely day for us, and for LittleBird, and hopefully for all our family and friends. We really did intend for it to be a great big thank you for all the amazing help and support and encouragement we’ve been offered over this year.

PortlandDad&Mom (formerly of Honolulu) told us that the Hawaiians have a similar celebration: A keiki-luau. A time to celebrate a year in the life, welcome the baby to the extended family, and just have a great big party. Exactly.

Now, once the party was all set-up and in full swing, I’m proud to tell you I scooped myself a cup or two (or almost three) of mulled wine and just set about relaxing and chatting and letting my child run wild into the dozens of willing arms around….which means I didn’t get near as many pictures as I’d have liked. But that’s ok. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Here’s what we did manage to get on film:

In front of the finished banner, the husband with LittleBird and her cousin, LittleG. Since it was an almost Halloween Party, lots of the kids came in costumes. LittleBird was a von Trapp baby (drapery play-clothes, y’know) and LittleG is, of course, a puppy.

Zucchini Bread for all! And cornbread for the turkey pumpkin chili.

Frankly, I had a blast making all the deelish dishes. And did you know there are very cool internet-based businesses that sell personalized party decoration kits?
Well there are. But I made my own. And enlisted PortlandMom to get them nicely finished and arranged..

Then of course, there was a gluten-free cupcake to be eaten.

For me? Oh, I couldn't possibly.

mmm.... Well, maybe just a little taste.

Cupcake Plunder!

Sorry, what's that? Something... where? On my lip? Did I get it?

And finally, for some reason, this last is my favorite shot. My camera flash was acting up, and all of the present-opening gifts ended up blurry… but I love that LittleBird is snug and happy and clear, and we are part of it.

Happy Birthday LittleBird!


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