Published: Poetry in Quill & Parchment

Here’s a nice start to the New Year!

My poem, “I pray for you, even now” is in the January issue of Quill & Parchment.

This poem was written when my sister was pregnant with her son, and when a family history of failed and difficult pregnancies was worrying me quite a lot. So much has changed in 3 years for my sister and for me (including 2 kids who fought and won!)… but I will always look up to her courage and her unique brand of grace under chaos.
I love you, Sister!

Here’s a snippet:

From “I pray for you, even now” by Emilie Rommel Shimkus

My sister does not pray;
she lives these months as fervent intercession.
Her hands are busy with welcome,
her body, prepared,

My sister sails through city blocks.
Borne aloft
on tattooed calves,
the faded-ink phoenix swells
with errands and mercy.

My sister measures space, makes room.
My sister follows directions. She lays
her Newports down.

If you’d like to read the rest, a subscription to Quill & Parchment is only $12… go ahead, support the arts!


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