Accidental Apple Compote

“Store some apples in your microwave, then forget about them.” Another recipe of chance for the accidental gourmet.

I had a tough time naming this amazing recipe. “Half-baked Apples” was a real contender. But, Accidental Apple Compote won out, since it was… an accident.

Accidental Applesauce

So it turns out accidentally microwaved apples cook from the inside out, as you see by the browning edge (the discoloration completely disappears as they continue to bake).

As I’ve said, many, many times, I am not much of a cook, by predilection or by skill. But I’m getting there! I actually really love to cook… just not all the time. And the husband and I do have a continually expanding set of “meals we make well enough to serve to others, en masse.”

In fact, just a few short hours ago, we actually high-fived over the table, celebrating the worthy accomplishment of a delicious, colorful, locally sourced, filling-in-one-serving, and super healthy meal…for the SECOND night in a row. Mad props had to be distributed accordingly.

But still, our culinary exploits are nowhere near many of my more skilled, adventurous, and –most importantly–patient and organized chef-type friends. People who know where things are and which burners are on. Those kind of people.

So, all that said: Here’s another recipe of chance for accidental gourmets, like myself. I am pleased to truthfully report that this one is MUCH more practical than the time I mistook a cutting board for stove-top kindling or the time I invented the deliciously dangerous Chicken-POW.

Accidental Apple Compote

(Skip ahead to step 6 if you’re not in the mood for anymore of this nonsense.)

  1. Accidental CompoteStart in August, when it’s hot, and the fruit flies just won’t give it a rest.
  2. Follow your best friend’s brilliant advice to store fruit in the microwave while you wage an outright war against fruit flies in your kitchen (make sure he/she is one of those people who remember where things are and know which burners are on).
  3. Set lots of vinegar/soap traps and gleefully dump out the little bodies down the drain each morning. This will go very well for a couple of weeks.
  4. While cooking another meal, decide to use the timer function on the microwave and set it for 18 minutes. Go ahead. It’s worked out great so far, during the great Fruit Fly War of 2013.
  5. 12 minutes in, smell the delicious fragrance of baked apples and oranges.
  6. Swear a little, remove the fruit basket, and decide to make the best of the situation.**This is where the REAL RECIPE come in.**
  7. So you nuked the apples. Big deal.
    Let them cool. After 12 minutes, they’ll be baked about half-way through, and actually taste pretty great all by themselves at this point.
  8. Slice them up, removing the entire peel in places where the stickers are baked on and add whatever you’ve got in the pantry. I used chopped dates, walnuts, ginger, and cranberries.
  9. Add a 1/2 cup of water and let it all simmer in a medium saucepan over medium heat for about 30 minutes.
  10. Enjoy the Fruits of your Forgetfulness!
    The dates especially make it very rich, so a small serving is plenty. Definitely try it with ice cream or plain yogurt too.
    …then, try to figure out what you’ll do with 3 half-baked oranges…

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