Thank You, No Thank You

In creative pursuits, a 50/50 success rate ain’t so bad.

EnvelopeTwo nearly identical business envelopes have just dropped through my mail slot. The whole pile landed with the now-familiar, rustly, hard-landing thuk on the braided rug just inside the door.
It always startles me a touch whenever I’m home to hear it.

Both envelopes are white, business size, both are hand-addressed to me, one in black ink, and one in blue.

One is a check, one is a rejection note.

Like I said a couple months back, I’m trying to see rejection as a good thing–an inevitable side effect of sending my work into the world. I was talking about poetry at the time, but it also applies in those cases where my work is me and what I’m doing in front of a casting director  or audience or camera, when I’m sending myself out and saying, “Hey guys! How ’bout it? This work for you? What about this?”

Whether it’s in response to me on paper or in the flesh, I’m trying to see each rejection note as an honor badge. I got it out of my head, off my chest, and out the door. I trusted my work and sent it ask the big kids to play.

As it so happens, the check is for doing all of that, and getting a Yes for a little video project. Which is, of course, pretty fantastic! Yep… the Yes-es will keep you going for a fair stretch. But don’t discount the no’s. They are proof you are creating strong things, proof you have more to give,

I’m pretty excited about my second rejection note, actually. And the first one I can actually stick up on the wall by my desk! I’m sure it will get less and less exciting as they pile up, but for now?  Yes! On my way to 100 No’s!


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