Adieu, 2013. It’s been grand!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! I’m on my way to the closing performance of The Stardust Christmas Blizzard —a long-running Christmas musical that’s kept me running and off the blog for a bit— but I wanted to take a minute for a little wrap up of 2013. And because I am deciding (just now this minute) that it’s likely bad luck to dwell on the frustrations and disappointments of the past year (particularly when you’re not in the mood to analyze and pull out the constructive lessons learned), I am only doing a “highlights reel” of the year.

In 2013…

It wasn’t till I started this list, and the good things kept coming, that I fully realized what a great year it’s been. There have been frustrations and disappointments, of course.. but they have been far, far out-weighed by the good. In addition to a lot of really wonderful time with my family and friends, I can look at this list and see proof of forward motion, of goals met or —more importantly— actively in progress.

Firmly entered my 30’s (coming up on 32 in a month!)

Stayed at the same job all year (what?!?)

Emceed a large-scale community arts showcase and hosted monthly poetry nights

Paid off my car

Moved into a house after 8 years in apartments (with a yard!)

Traveled to Miami with my best friend

Filmed 3 shorts and 1 industrial

Had my first big-screen, movie theatre premier for the SIFF Fly Films

Had my first co-feature poetry reading

Attended 3 poetry workshops

Wrote more poems than I realized, some of them not bad

Gigged a little and played a lot with the Band

Took LittleBird to her first baseball game

Supported some amazing friends in their creative professional endeavors, was subsequently awed by their professionalism, passion, positivity and inevitable success

Graduated from temp to employee with my consulting company (hello, health benefits!)

Celebrated 5 years of marriage

Sent poetry out and thrilled to the ensuing rejection letters

Published in a chapbook of women poets

Traveled to a resort in Playa del Carmen Mexico with the husband


Restarted my blog, albeit sporadically, after a year+ absence

Buried (at sea) the first pet goldfish

Went to all but one opening night of the husband’s 4 shows

Hosted brunches and dinners and even one big party (not easy before in previous apartments)

Attended 2 acting/audition workshops and found regular groups that stretch my actor muscles

Lost a good deal of the remaining baby weight (who knew I’d like running?)

Bought a new car to make payments on

Pulled together the home office for my 2 work-at-home days a week

Posed for 2 photo shoots with a fabulous Make-Up Artist and Photographer

Entered the world of preschool show and tell and birthday treats (so much fun baking!)

Went to my 10 year college reunion and grand opening of the gorgeously redesigned theatre (my home away from dorm)

Survived toilet training a preschooler (just barely!)

Made a Halloween costume for LittleBird

Went back to blonde after 7 years as a brunette

Took LittleBird to see her first 2 full-length, live theatre shows (one was mine!)

Helped throw a baby shower for my big sister

Had a real Christmas tree for the first time since I left my parent’s house

Got back on stage after nearly two years in a Christmas musical

…annnnd now it’s time to close it out!

Here’s to all that lies in wait for 2014!


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