Liz Lemon Would be Proud?

This is one of those days where I wonder if there’s a legitimate diagnosis for your inner psyche being at war with itself. When you’re more than conflicted. When you’re filled to the emotional brim, simultaneously thrilled at your abilities to to tackle EVERYTHING and stressedthehellout by the sheer amount of energy, will power, dumb luck, etc etc etc EVERYTHING requires of you, your life, your people, your multiple selves…

Snapshot from a Day (so far) of HAVING IT ALL… before 10am.

Working Actor starts morning by reviewing scripts for an audition, emailing agent, and updating headshots on casting databases. It’s morning, still plenty of time for optimism and hustle.

Successful Career Woman takes advantage of Convenient Work-at-Home Option via calls from my new favorite workspace, my kitchen counter. I’m plugged into my phone with headphones, watching a meeting taking place in Seattle and 3 other states– I live in the future,and still we are a living example of those awful conference call jokes, where it takes 20 minutes to get going due to technical issues and user error (I am not innocent this time). No clue that I will be waylaid and flat out denied by technology all day.

Engaged Mother already helped get the kiddo up and out the door to Preschool, and –while plugged into meeting appliances–is weighing in here, chopping fruit during the conference call for the Mother’s Day Tea I will run out to join. I am blissfully unaware of the potty training casualties and world-falling-apart moments this day has yet to bring.

Meanwhile, Loving & Mutually Supportive Spouse enjoys a cup of coffee brewed in silence (sssh, I’m on a call) by the husband. Immediately following, I discover that by choosing newly discovered kitchen counter-office over designated home office I’m seriously jeopardizing Happy Marriage by being Right. In. The. Way. and throwing off ALL the morning routines.

Oops. Blerg.


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