Photoshoot: “Zark!” Espionage Cosmetics “Curses!” Collection of Cosmetic Glitter

ZARK! It’s belated, but here’s a look at my glitter-blasted photoshoot with Espionage Cosmetics in April. I got to model one of 4 gorgeous colors of their latest cosmetic body glitters, this time in the “Curses!” collection, themed with fictional epithets from various strains of nerd fandom. Check below the pics for info about Espionage!

Here’s some behind the scenes videos and pics from the Espionage instagram feed¬† and mine, as well as BTS shots from the studio (FYI, Tacomans, the Espionage HQ in the old Exit133 space has fantastic lighting for photoshoots and is being put to good use.)

Instagram video2
Click to play
Instagram video
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A few notes… Make-up and hair for this one took about 3 or 4 solid hours. LOTS of lashes. Body glitter was applied by hand, with cosmetic adhesive (think eyelash glue). The curse words are so sharp because we used adhesive decals of the words in their appropriate fonts, then peeled them away after glitterfication to show clean skin. My shade happened to be the exact color of my wine. And yes, we actually were yelling our assigned words out loud in the studio for the above photos. After the shoot,¬† it took about another hour to get the glitter mostly OFF of all the models, and we were sent home to shower with instructions to use olive oil to get off the remaining adhesive.

photo 4 photo 5

photo 2photo 1

And here are the final shots!

Necessary info: Espionage Cosmetics is “Make-up for Nerds.” Yes, it’s a thing. In addition to things I love about catering to a niche market rather than just trying to sell them, Espionage is all kinds of the real deal.
A small, steadily expanding PNW local company (Tacoma-based!).
Amazingly intricate photo and marketing campaigns. Woman-owned, and led by a creative turned business visionary who is crazy-ass motivated and market-savvy.

And the kicker? Espionage Cosmetics puts out a really good product. I was a customer long before this gig. I have purchased and use often about 6 different shades of the everything shadow, the comic book glitter collection (amazing for band gigs), and several of the nail wraps. And now, having used the coconut-infused lip-serum at the last shoot, it’s on my list.



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