It could be anyone

It’s after midnight, and I have an alarm set for 5:30am. This is not a lot of sleep–not enough sleep, especially when you factor in the thumb-typing I’m currently employing to write this post without disturbing the sleeping husband or snoring baby in this dark, unseasonably hot bedroom.

Tomorrow morning is my first commercial audition after the baby, now 3 months old. Hooray! My first audition since the imminent arrival of the baby became too hard to ignore, at around 4 months into the pregnancy. 

It’s also my first audition in this post-second-baby body, where I’m trying to figure out where to put all the things, and how to create a working wardrobe out of the 6 items that fit and make me feel good, never mind actually managing regular exercise and –ah, yes–enough sleep to make either of those two things a reality.

So. It’s my first audition in over half a year. And I’m looking forward to it. I almost don’t care if I get the gig (of course I want the gig); I’m just happy to be getting back in it. Getting back to this acting family’s particular chaos of “Normal Life,” now with one more baby to wrangle and account for in the midst of printing resumes, picking clothes, coordinating sitters, and learning lines.

And in the midst of it, reviewing the vague, generic character description, for which I’m vocally doubting my suitability while fretting over hair and wardrobe options, The Husband is a Very Good Man and reminds me of the thing you have to remember when you’re an auditioning actor (which is always), the thing you have to have faith in, whether it’s your first or fifteenth audition of the last few months: 

It could be anyone.

It could be you.

Photo by Kat St. John.


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