Recipe: Morning Muesli & Dance Party

Just add raisins and glam rock.

We are very serious about breakfast around here. It comes partly from schedules that often prevent dinner together, but mostly from my flexible work-at-home routine the last couple of years. French press, eggs, and pancakes on Friday and Saturday (and occasionally Tuesday)mornings have become a lovely, frequent occurrence at our table, or out on the sunny morning porch.  Breakfast on the back deckIn keeping with the “recent trend” for overnight oats–or what my aunt called Muesli and fed me most mornings on my annual summer visit–here’s LittleBird’s emphatically approved recipe from this morning. Be sure to include ALL steps for maximum satisfaction.

Morning Muesli & Dance Party

1/2 c rolled oats (not quick oats); 1/2 c milk; 1/2 a crisp apple, diced; 1/8 c raisins; whatever other toppings you want, like nuts, berries, yogurt, flax seeds, cinnamon, honey, etc.


  1. Select your music, including your favorite dance music.
    (We prefer Lady Gaga and Queen. Something about titles.)
  2. Put all your toppings in a bowl and stir it around.
    (We used Bob’s Red Mill GF oats and almond milk today, and kept toppings super simple with just apples and raisins. We also like our oats al dente, but if you prefer your oatmeal fully saturated, mix the oats and milk together the night before and leave in the fridge.)
  3. DANCE PARTY for 10-15 minutes, or approximately 2-3 awesome songs.
    (If you’re listening to Queen, it might only be one song.)
  4. Stir the ingredients around a little more.
  5. DANCE PARTY for 5 more minutes.
    Snuggle a baby if you have one on hand. If not, keep the boogie going.
  6. Spoon into 2 bowls, collapse in giggles onto a couple of chairs or a sunny porch, and savor the delicious cold crunchy apples in creamy oats. 



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