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EmilieB&WCloseUpI’m Emilie and I write.
By day, I write technical and markety things for the software industry.

By day and night and all over envelopes and report margins and napkins and about 6 concurrent journals, I write poetry, lyrics, short fiction, and personal essay.

I also sing and act and live with my wonderful actor husband and a forward-leaning toddler in Tacoma, the Gritty City, the City of Destiny.

I started this blog in 2008, mostly dropped off from 2010-2012, and now I’m happy to be back with renewed focus.


Photo: Emilie Rommel Shimkus photographed by Kat. St. John


2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Bio

  1. Hiya –

    Not sure if you remember me from the Roanoke Tavern, but we chatted there one night after you had seen the Shrew I directed.

    Thanks for your words about it here – an actor sent me the link – it’s such a rare treat to get feedback in this strange biz and I dig your writing.

    Wanted to connect you to Marcy Rodenborn and James Venturini who live in Tacoma and make theater there and in Seattle. Good people. You’d like ’em.

    Find me on Facebook – if you’re there – and I’ll connect you all.


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